Bosses should speak to their staff


Bosses should speak to their staff.  They should take any opportunity available to motivate them by giving a speech. It can be informal just a few words to a small group or longer words of wisdom at an annual function. Either way it is a way of communicating how important those staff members are to the company and it can inspire them to do even better.

We all like to be praised and your staff members are no different. So tell them they are doing a great job. That is not to say though that you shouldn’t mention the challenges that lie ahead. It is important that they see the bigger picture rather than that of their own particular section. Speaking to sales staff for instance about sales is fine but they should also know about manufacturing problems or research opportunities for the company.

The message you should be getting across is that it is a combined effort and that you, and they are all part of that effort. People obviously like to be paid well and a successful company can afford better salaries. That might be a point worth mentioning. Yet personal satisfaction in a job well done cannot be underestimated and whenever you are speaking that’s the real message you need to get across.

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