January is the ideal time for motivational speeches


January is the ideal time for motivational speeches. After all it is the time of the year when people are thinking of their New Year resolutions. So it is just the right time for employers to urge their employees to put more effort into what they do for a company. Of course such a speech should also include a thank you for the past year’s efforts. People like to be praised but it must be genuine praise. If you can mention a business success during the last year so much the better.

A motivational speech, though is really about the future. So once your employees are onside talk to them of your plans for the coming year. Mention the projects in which they will be involved. Speak of the competition and what they offer and of how you can offer something better. Be positive yet practical.

There is no point in saying you will have sales of ten million if your budget forecast is for half a million. Speak of job satisfaction and the camaraderie of a good working relationship. Tell them that you are open to their ideas and suggestions. Suggest it is time to think outside the box. Ask them to be creative. Motivate them to produce more, to sell more or to make better widgets. Suggest that the new-year can be a better one and more profitable.

Naturally your motivational speech to your staff will depend on your type of business. It doesn’t matter though if you are selling insurance or making computers whatever you are doing can be done better. So personalise your speech to allow for your own particular business and motivate them to do more.

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