Staff Motivational speeches shouldn’t always be given at Christmas


Staff motivational speeches shouldn’t always be given at Christmas. Yet many employers use the Christmas party as a time to encourage their staff to do better. Perhaps a better time would be just after the summer vacation. After all the staff won’t be too merry to listen to what they have to say. When they come back refreshed after their break they would be much more liable to take the message aboard.

Christmas time is a time for gatherings and get-togethers and so they would be less likely to give the message the attention it deserves. So if you want to motivate your staff September is a good time to do it. You’ll find there are far less distractions and they will be much more likely to listen.

So tell them their achievements have been wonderful but that they can improve even more. Tell them about orders received and the chances of getting more. Tell them that times are tough but getting better and so there are more opportunities for them. Tell them, and mean it, that you want their ideas and suggestions. In other words explain that you are all in it together and the more successful the company is the better it will be for everyone in it. So give them your motivational message.

Then when Christmas comes you may be able to give them all a great bonus!

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