Giving a persuasive speech gives you an opportunity to change hearts and minds


Giving a persuasive speech gives you an opportunity to change hearts and minds. It is better, if possible to choose a topic so that you can really express your beliefs. Subjects such as abortion or euthanasia are strong contenders because many people feel very strongly on these subjects. These are only examples of course.
There are many topics about which people know little or nothing. It all depends on your audience.

You might enlighten them about Dyslexia for instance or give the details about death row taking into account the fact that many innocent people have been killed because of state laws. A good persuasive speech makes people think and ask questions. It shows them a side of things in depth with facts and figures if necessary. Few of us can ignore the fact that that junk food is bad for us but maybe a good speech will help someone in the audience rethink their diet.

The same can be said of skin care, most people know sun cream is necessary but a good persuasive speech can hammer home the message and persuade them it is for their own good. Getting people onside is the secret of a good persuasive speech.

So explain just what a topic has to do with them, how it will help them or change their world. Encourage them to share your beliefs and your speech will be a success.

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