A persuasive speech can make a difference


A persuasive speech can make a difference. It can, for example, save a life if you persuade people to carry a donor card or take first aid classes. A persuasive speech should make your audience realise that there is another way of looking at things or another way of living.

To make a really good persuasive speech you should believe in what you are saying and urge others to believe in it too. If your speech is good enough you may persuade people to become volunteers or to tackle bullies. You have to have your facts right and give examples of how people can change for the better as you see it.

A persuasive speech is much more than just a speech in a rhetoric class or group. It is a way of making others realise there is a problem and showing them how it can be tackled.

Most people feel strongly about something and a persuasive speech is the ideal way to share such views. It’s now harm to think of a debate and list the pros and cons of your given subject. That way you can demolish arguments against what you believe and ensure that your beliefs are easily articulated in a persuasive manner.

Think of giving a persuasive speech as an opportunity to share your beliefs and to say something positive that will ensure others are persuaded to your point of view.

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