Persuasive speeches should do just that


Persuasive speeches should do just that. They should persuade your audience to your way of thinking. Whatever the topic it should explain to them that there is another way of doing things, your way. To be really persuasive of course you have to believe in what you are saying. There is no point in someone who has just had a quick smoke and is coughing trying to persuade the audience to give up cigarettes. In a debate, of course, it is not as important to have a real belief in what you are saying. A good debater can take statistics and facts and speak for or against a motion. A persuasive speech should, though, express your real convictions. You should coax and cajole your audience into agreeing with you. You do this by giving them good reasons for your beliefs. Obviously a lot will depend on your audience. If you are talking to a business audience you could persuade them that re-training is necessary for instance. If, however, the audience is a general one you should choose a topic that is relevant to everyone, such as health. So tell them why they should give blood or become an organ donor. Tell them that the life they save could one day be their own. It’s good to put a personal slant on such a speech. So if you feel strongly about something have the courage of your convictions and give good reasons to others to share your beliefs. In other words persuade them that what you say is right. After all a persuasive speech could change a life or lives depending on your powers of persuasion.

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