Army Retirement Speech Sample


Joining the army is a little like becoming a member of the biggest family in the country. It is like joining a club, whose members are so diverse but who are all united by one cause. That cause, the defence of our country and our rights, is one that is unshakable and unmovable. Equally tenacious and determined in his/her duty and belief is (name of retiree). He/she has provided us all with the example of a supreme soldier and officer for the entire duration of his/her career. He has inspired many and brought out the best in those who have served with him/her. Today, we pay tribute to a soldier and a career that defines what is meant by honorable service.

Like any club or family, if you are outside it as we have all been, you might have spent some time wondering what it takes to get in. Once you have that established, it takes a further calculation: have you got what it takes to join? A few years ago now (Name of retire) made that calculation. In doing so, he/she began a memorable career that would prove, not only did he/she have what it took, but that he/she had the drive, determination and the sensibility to become an officer who would become respected and admired.

Most courageous men and women are, by their nature, modest. (Name of retiree) is not one to go about singing his own praises or attributes or even admitting to them. So it falls to us on occasions like this to ensure that they are recorded for posterity. We want to hear them too because it reminds us of our best qualities. They are also an inspiration for others to follow (continue)

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