The ending of the year is often a time for retirement speeches


The ending of the year is often a time for retirement speeches. Retirement brings mixed emotions.

People may be both happy and sad to be leaving colleagues with whom they have worked for years. They may be apprehensive of the future or really looking forward to it. If you are giving a retirement speech it should be full of optimism and hope. Of course you will speak of the contribution made by the retiree to the company. You will mention his or her personal attributes such as kindness or a listening ear. You will speak of how much he or she will be missed by colleagues. Above all though a retirement speech should make suggestions as to how the retiree can enjoy his or her retirement. Some retirees say they hope to play lots of golf for instance but your speech should encourage him or her to think of the contribution they can make to society when they are not tied to going to work every day. Even one day given to say a local youth club or visiting an old folks’ home might make four days of golf more enjoyable.

You might speak of challenges they might take on such as further education or travel or song-writing. You could speak of the relaxation they might find in painting landscapes or going fishing. Retirement is the end of your working life but it can be the start of something much more exciting and fulfilling. It is certainly a time when they will have time for family life. So mention the fact that with ten grandchildren that could mean at least ten birthday parties during the year. Grandchildren love grandpa or grandma to go to their school concerts or football matches. So mention doing those family things which can be so enjoyable. There are thousands of organisations such as the Lions club, the Red Cross or church groups they might join. Obviously if the retiree is crippled with arthritis you won’t suggest playing tennis. In other words your retirement speech has to be personal and suitable for the retiree.

Above all you should end with a toast to a new and even better future.

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