Retirement from Business Speech by Manager or Colleague


Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The day when retirement meant a pair of slippers and a rocking chair are thankfully far behind us.
The same cannot be said for the sadness for the loss of a colleague who is trusted, experienced and so much a part of the place that you cannot imagine life without him/her. That being said, we are pleased to be able to gather here today to send John/Joan off with all of our best wishes for the future. John/Joan, you have been an inspiration and a guiding force for so many and it will be hard to imagine the office without you.

There are some people around whom life in a place of work revolves. We have, for instance, always had great confidence in your advice and expertise. At the same time as being ‘One of us' you been also been an influential character that we have all learned to admire and trust. Quite what we will do without your knowledge and experience I don't know. More than that, we will simply miss your special and wonderful company.

We hope that you will take great satisfaction from leaving a place where you have not only achieved but helped others to achieve so much. We hope too that you will be able to leave knowing that you have accomplished what you set out to do. From now on, you will have different goals. Your friendship is, I know, important to many of us here. While you won't necessarily be clocking in with the rest of us, we hope that you'll be able to keep in touch and keep us up to date on your great adventures.

I don't know if you have a great road map laid out in front of you. You may be taking to the road in the ‘Winnebago', or be intending to set off on a personal journey that you have always dreamed of accomplishing. Perhaps that garden will get the time and attention needed now to produce huge turnips or giant marrows. You may have a thousand ideas and decide that in the end simply nothing beats the view from your own porch/deck.

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