Retirement speeches should encompass years of work


Retirement speeches should encompass years of work. After all, most retirees work for decades.

Retirement speeches then should summarise their many achievements during those years. That is not to say that every retiree has won a Nobel prize for scientific discoveries or written a book that has won the Booker prize. Yet whether he or she has done clerical work, manufactured automobiles or spent years in sales he or she deserves to have that lifetime of work honoured.

So what you say in a retirement speech is important. It should make the retiree feel that their lifetime of work has been worthwhile. They should feel that they have contributed to the success of the companies for which they have worked. In fact, they should feel that by working for a lifetime they have contributed to society as a whole.

Obviously such a speech should mention the friendships made over the years, the experiences shared. A funny incident or a personal story will add greatly to the speech. So check out with colleagues who may know the retiree better than you do. Get to know his or her hobbies and plans for retirement or suggest a few of your own.

Whatever you say a good retirement speech will may the leave-taking a memorable occasion.

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