Teachers often do more than is expected of them


Teachers often do more than is expected of them. That is why, in later life, many people say the person who influenced them most was a teacher.

Obviously for many teachers theirs is a vocation and not just a job. That is why it is appropriate to show them your gratitude and appreciation. They get lots of gifts at the end of term of course but saying publicly how wonderful they are is a much better gift. So give that appreciation of teacher speech at some school meeting or assembly. Perhaps there is a function when they are retiring. If that is so it might give you the opportunity to express your thoughts.

Say what a wonderful teacher he or she is. Talk about their influence on students and how they took those extra classes or always attended football matches to shout on the pupils. Mention how he or she became involved in extra-curricular activities or helped weaker students.

We all like to be appreciated so don’t wait, give that appreciation speech now.

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