Volunteers need to be appreciated


Volunteers need to be appreciated. After all they are not being paid for their hard work and many give long hours of service to their favourite charity or cause. So it is well worthwhile praising that work and saying just what a difference they make to their particular cause. Of course they don’t do the work to be praised but volunteers are human and human beings love someone to notice what they do no matter how willingly.

There is another reason to make them feel good about themselves. That is that they will undoubtedly redouble their efforts if, in a speech, you say what they have achieved. They may have raised funds, built a school in the third world or helped a youth club in their local community. Whatever they have done they have helped make a difference. Then too when you are praising their work you usually do so at a function attended by family and friends.

By speaking of just what a difference volunteers can make you may, hopefully, encourage some of the people in the audience to help out too. So talk about the cause and what has been done and what could be done with more volunteers. Put it up to people that volunteers are special and what they do is special. Challenge others to buy a bus for trips for those who cannot get out and about. Suggest that the waiting list in your local hospital could be halved if there was a better clinic available. Mention the fact that the local football team would do much better if someone was willing to coach them.

Volunteers are critical to so many charities and organizations. So make the most of those you already have. Keep them interested and involved by telling everyone just how wonderful they are. Speeches to volunteers are all about giving them the feel good factor.

We all like to be appreciated so don’t wait, give that Thank You Speech now.

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