Practise makes perfect, especially when giving a speech


Practise makes perfect, especially when giving a speech. There are, of course, accomplished public speakers who can speak off-the-cuff at a moment’s notice. Most speakers, though, need to practise if they are to give a good speech. Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are the usual occasions when a sincere, perhaps emotional speech or toast, is needed. So if as the speaker you are not going to stumble and stutter or forget your words you will need to practise beforehand.

If you were going to give an important business or military speech there is no doubt but that you would prepare it carefully. Yet when it comes to family occasions speakers are inclined to leave it till the last moment to prepare a few words. That’s a great pity because, whatever the occasion, the sincerity of your message should be matched by a polished performance. Practise gives you the confidence and that shows when you stand up to deliver your message.

You should speak clearly and concisely. Your speech should have a catchy opening, a solid message and a memorable ending. This doesn’t happen by accident or at a moment’s notice. So whatever you are saying or wherever you are speaking get ready in plenty of time. The bride and groom, the anniversary couple or the birthday boy or girl will really appreciate the wonderful things you say about them. So write the speech carefully, practise it repeatedly and wow that audience.

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