Speeches can seal the fate of nations


Speeches can seal the fate of nations. An inflammatory one can cause war while a conciliatory one can bring about peace. Politicians’ speeches can bring about tax reform, a boost in the economy or a strike against proposed Government plans. Most of us though give our speeches at private or personal functions. We give birthday toasts, retirement speeches and farewell eulogies. We speak at weddings, office parties, golf dinners, and on military occasions. Such speeches should reflect the occasion and the person or persons we are honouring.

So our speeches should show that we know the person or people in question or that we have made an effort to find out something about them. We could speak about how they have influenced others. We could mention their kindness, their sense of humour or their foibles. We should mention their achievements whether it is an outgoing president of a club or association or soldiers who have been successful in a peace keeping mission.

We all like to be praised so, whatever the occasion, make sure your speech leaves the recipient or recipients feeling good about themselves. If you do you will have made a very successful speech.

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