40th Wedding Anniversary Speech by Guest


Ladies and gentlemen (or family and friends.)
Marriage is a bit like the weather. It can be sunny and bright or it can be full of clouds and rainy days. The climate of that relationship though really depends on the couple. Today we are celebrating the ruby anniversary of the sunniest couple I know.
Mary and John (Or mom and dad) are happy because they don't strive to be what they are not. They don't fret and fume for what they cannot have. Instead they are obviously thankful for what they are and what they have. That includes, of course, a wonderful marriage.
Now I am not claiming that they are saints. Indeed I have often thought saints would be very uncomfortable people to have around the house. After all they would be always right and you have to admit it's good for all of us to have to apologise sometimes. It brings us down to size. No Mary and John (Or mom and dad) are saints. They are simply amongst the most human and caring people I know.

Those here tonight will verify this. Each of us has some reason for being here. It could be because we come from the same family. It could be because we are old friends. It might be that we have some association with them through work. Whatever our connection, though, we know that... (continue)

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