Being a best man does not mean being a comedian


Being a best man does not mean being a comedian. Yet many best men try when giving a wedding speeches. They forget that a good comedian spends years training and has impeccable timing. That is not to say that a best man’s speech should not be light-hearted. It should because, after all, his speech is usually regarded as after wedding breakfast entertainment.  It should also be sincere because, generally speaking, the best man is either the brother of or a good friend of the groom. So he will obviously want the best for that groom.  His speech should, therefore, express those good wishes. His speech should also touch on the family background or on the years of friendship. It should include one or two incidents shared by the best man and the groom.

A best man should always remember, though, that a wedding is usually a family occasion and those incidents should not make anybody blush. He can use his ribald remarks at the stag or bachelor party if he must. His comments on the bride should be warm and welcome her to become part of the happy relationship he shares with the groom. Naturally he will mention how lovely she looks too. His final duty is to respond to the groom’s toast to the bridesmaids. This is where he can come into his own saying however lucky the groom happens to be he too is blessed by being surrounded by such lovely ladies on such a special occasion.

The father of the bride, traditionally, toasts the couple but the best man may do so instead.  There are thousands of different toasts in books or on the internet but he may end by simply saying, “Ladies and gentlemen please toast the Bride and Groom.”

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