These days the best man might be a best buddy instead


These days the best man might be a best buddy instead and her wedding speech should reflect that fact. More and more men are choosing as their attendant at their weddings a girl or woman who has been a good friend over the years. Their relationship is obviously different to that of a brother or a male friend. So a best buddy’s speech should refer to their special relationship and the times and activities they have shared. Being female her speech can afford to be slightly more sentimental than that of a male best man. Naturally it will add to the speech if she mentions some humorous incident although she is far less likely to be rude or crude. So it will be more suitable for a family occasion.

She will usually have less problem than her male counterpart in doing her research for her speech by talking to friends and relatives. There is no doubt but that she will wish the couple well in a loving way. If she is giving a toast a buddy is far more likely to find a saying or a poem that is personal and very special to the couple. Having a best buddy instead of a best man is a welcome sign of the times.

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