It doesn’t matter whether the father of the bride lives in Chicago or Chile


It doesn’t matter whether the father of the bride lives in Chicago or Chile. On her wedding day, if he gives a speech, it should reflect his relationship with her. Most dads are extremely proud of their daughters and the speech should express this pride in her accomplishments. It adds to the speech if he speaks about his feelings when she was born or mentions some of her childhood exploits.

He might speak of vacations they took together or hobbies they have shared over the years. Naturally too he will welcome the guests to what is a very important day in family life. He should, of course give a special welcome to the groom and his family. It’s good if he speaks about the groom too. He might mention the fact that he is delighted that this is the last occasion when he is bank of dad and that the groom now will be responsible for her shopping trips. He should say how well they are suited to each other and talk a little of the interests of his new son-in-law. If it is appropriate he might mention too that his daughter has inherited a lot of her mother’s accomplishments.

More than anything, though, the speech should focus on the fact that he wants his daughter and her new husband to be happy in the years ahead. For this reason when he is toasting the bride and groom he should, if at all possible, choose a special toast that has meaning for them. His speech should be about content rather than length.

On his daughter’s wedding day the father of the bride should let everyone know in his speech just how much she means to him. It’s one occasion when he can safely be a proud papa and tell the world how much he loves his daughter.

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