Every bride does not have a father


Every bride does not have a father. Often someone else will give a wedding speech or toast instead. It may be a brother, an uncle or an old family friend. Obviously then the speech will be slightly different to that of a father. It should reflect the relationship in question. A brother will probably tell more funny tales about their growing years than would an uncle who might only see the bride at irregular intervals. A family friend would probably see the bride through the eyes of the family members he knew.

One thing such speeches have in common though is that they all have some relationship with the bride and, of course, they wish her well in the future. They should all mention that they are honoured to speak and, if relevant they should refer to her father saying they know how happy he would be for her. Obviously if he has just walked out on the family that would not be appropriate! The speaker may not know the groom as well as a father-in-law might so he should make it his business to find out some facts about the groom and his relationship with the bride. Such a speech should be warm and loving and end with a toast that expresses his good wishes for the future.

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