The father of the bride gets off lightly


The father of the bride gets off lightly. After all it is usually his womenfolk who make all the arrangements for the wedding.  So generally speaking all he has to do is to walk up the aisle, hand over his daughter and be a genial host. It doesn’t matter how accustomed to public speaking they are many men quake at the thought of giving a speech on the day.

They can be lawyers or presidents of large corporations, well used to addressing others, yet it is different matter when it is their own daughter’s wedding day. Above all he doesn’t want to let her down. He wants his speech to be heart-warming and memorable. He wants his speech to say all that she means in his life. So that’s exactly what he should do.

He should tell her and everyone else how much he loves her and how proud he is of her. He should tell them why she means so much to him.  His speech will have the AAH factor if he speaks of her as a baby and he can make people laugh when he speaks of her teenage years when her make-up would frighten even a burglar. Of course he should also mention the groom and his family and express the hope that there will be many such shared family occasions in the future.

He should mention the game of golf or the pints he has happily shared with his new son-in-law and he should involve the guests by making them feel especially welcome. He sums up his speech with his own inimitable toast to the couple whether it is traditional, humorous or some special toast he has googled.

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