The father of the bride is often a step-father these days


The father of the bride is often a step-father these days. If he is close to her she may want him to give a speech on her wedding day. Such occasions can be fraught especially if her biological father is present and wants to speak too. If that is the case tact and discretion are very necessary in a step-father’s speech. He might say that she inherits her talent for music from her dad or say something equally gracious.

If, however, the step-father really is the main speaker his speech should mention the pride that it gives him to speak on her wedding day. It should mention what she has come to mean in his life. He could talk about some shared incidents such as getting lost on a vacation. Like any father he will praise her beauty on her special day. Like any father too he will wish her happiness in the future.

Her will welcome her new husband into his family and perhaps give some words of fatherly advice. Just as with any father of the bride speech a step-father of the bride speech should be loving and memorable.

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