Father of the Bride Speeches Don’t Rate Much When Preparations Are Being Made For the Wedding


Father of the bride speeches don’t rate much when preparations are being made for the wedding. After all there are so many choices to be made beforehand. Where will the wedding ceremony take place? Where will the reception be held? The bride will agonies over her wedding dress and those of the bridesmaids. The mothers of the bride and groom also worry about their clothes for the big occasion. Then there are flowers to be chosen, songs or hymns to be selected, musicians to be employed. The guest list has to be agreed.

Sometime, though, the father of the bride will start to think about what he should say on the day. If he is an accomplished public speaker it won’t faze him but if he is not he will begin to worry about his speech. What should he say, how long should it be and whom should he mention?  These are all questions that will start perplexing him.  Obviously he won’t want to embarrass his daughter by giving a bad speech.  Yet how can he be certain that she is happy with what he says? He should remember that half of the guests won’t really know the bride so he should paint a picture of her. He should mention her childhood followed by a brief summary of her growing years. It will add to the speech if he can speak humorously about her teenage exploits, the length of her skirt perhaps or her obsession with shopping.  Then he can speak of her as the person she is now and of her courtship with the groom. He might mention the groom’s golf handicap or how much he is looking forward to having a gardener in the family. Above all he should speak welcomingly to the groom and to his family.

He should tell the guests too how welcome they are to share in such a joyous occasion. If there is a member of the clergy present he might thank him or her for a touching wedding ceremony.He might want to mention the bride’s closeness to her mother or mention the bridesmaids as being her sisters or friends since kindergarten. Then he should speak more seriously about marriage and his hopes and dreams for the happy couple.  His speech should end with the traditional toast to the bride and groom.

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