The father of the groom isn’t just there for the photographs


The father of the bride isn’t just there for the photographs. At many weddings, though, he does not have his say. Some fathers of the groom may be relieved not to have to speak, of course, but others would like the opportunity to say just what their son means to them. After all most of the emphasis is usually on the lovely bride and by all means he should welcome her into his family. It would be even better though if he said a few words about his own son and what the wedding means to all of them in the groom’s family.

Like the best man he is entitled to tease the groom a bit by recounting some incidents in his life but, naturally, those incidents must be suitable for a mixed gathering. He might mention that maths was not the groom’s strongest point and that when he was working out the size of flower beds in a garden how he managed to get those flower beds bigger than the actual garden itself. He might talk about getting ‘flu every winter because he attended so many football matches. He might speak about his pride in his son’s career and personality. Obviously he will say how pleased he is to see so many people joining in the family’s happiness.

The father of the bride will give the toast to the happy couple but the father of the groom is entitled to give a few words of marital advice and to end his speech with a blessing or good luck wish for the future.

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