The father of the groom should have his say in his speech


After all without him there would be no groom and no wedding at all. Traditionally the father of the bride toasts the happy couple but quite often the father of the groom is left speechless. It is worth noting that about half the guests at the wedding will be relatives and friends of the bride and will not, therefore, know much about the groom. So when his father speaks he can remedy that.

He can talk of the groom as a youngster. He might mention some funny details about preparing for the wedding speeches. He may mention too some of his son’s foibles, hobbies and talents. He might say what a wonderful son he is and what he means to his own family. Of course he will welcome his new daughter-in-law into that family and explain how much she means to them already.

His speech doesn’t have to be long but it should paint a picture of the groom that illustrates what a wonderful person he is. It is not his place to toast the couple but he can end by wishing them every happiness with a well-chosen saying or poem. The father of the groom’s speech can really add to the day.

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