A father of the groom’s speech can be the highlight of the wedding day


A father of the groom’s speech can be the highlight of the wedding day. After all he knows even more than the best man about his son. He knows his secrets and his habits. So his speech can be light-hearted and tell the story of a son that perhaps even the bride might find illuminating!

He can tell about the dancing classes where his son was invariably the lady. He can mention how his son had three left feet in soccer matches. He can explain how the wall fell down when his son was trying to hang up his photographs. Of course he should also explain how much they have in common sharing trips to the golf club or going fishing together. All in all his speech should give a rounded picture of someone who is special to him.

He should, of course, mention how lucky his son was to find such a wonderful bride. He should speak of sharing many happy family occasions in the future. He might mention too how lucky the groom was to have found the ideal in-laws.

This is his chance to tell the groom the secrets of a happy marriage and the basic differences between the characters of a man and a woman.

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