A father of the groom’s speech should summarise the life of his son


A father of the groom’s speech should summarise the life of his son. The father of the bride will undoubtedly speak of his love for his daughter. Why should the farther of the groom not speak of what his son means to him too?

So he can start by describing his son’s birth, his toddler years and his progress to date. He might mention his hobbies or skills. Obviously it is even better if he can mention some foible of his son’s or some funny event during his growing years. He should speak too of how happy he is to see so many family members and friends attending the couple’s special day. He will speak of his new daughter-in-law and how he welcomes her and hers into his family.

A wedding speech should focus on the future of course. Naturally he will speak of his good wishes for the couple, perhaps mentioning his own marriage and giving a few tips on how to have a lasting marriage. He should explain to the couple that they will always have his love and support in the days to come. He may speak of how he and his wife managed on very little money when they first married but that they, like this new couple, had each other’s support and love and that is what is important in every marriage.

The bride’s family will know little or nothing about his son. His speech should ensure that they realise what a special groom he is!

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