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Hilarious Best Man Toast

This speech is short and to the point. Instead of laying multiple jokes on the crowd hoping to land a few, the speaker bets it all on one hilarious skit, and succeeds! What truly makes the delivery great is how the speaker completely changes composure for each joke and them immediately switches back after it has been delivered. Most people (other than actors or comedians) cannot pull this off!

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Funny Best Man Speech To Brother

The insults fly in a hilarious manner that only a brother can pull off! Over 800k views on YouTube including tons of supportive comments.

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Funny Best Man Speech

If you don't plan your best man speech, this can happen to you. Don't let that happen.

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Funniest Best Man Speech Of All Time - Parody of American Pie

If you ever attended a wedding, and come on who hasn't, you know the pressure a best man faces. This best man speech video had me smiling so big my cheeks hurt. The first five minutes is a build up to the amazing part. Well worth the wait!

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