How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

maid of honor speech If you don’t know how to write a maid of honor speech, the wedding party may feel you aren’t being sincere; read through our guide to learn how to string together words of wisdom.

Congratulations, your best friend has asked you to be her maid of honor – now you must write a speech and deliver it at the wedding. Whether it’s your biggest dream or greatest nightmare, it’s a true privilege to be held in high regard by the bride to be. You play the most important role in the bridal party and you want to impress the crowd with your speech, be it whole-hearted or side-splitting.

The toast should make the special couple feel elated and magnificent! You may wish to choose a professionally written maid of honor speech package which offers a variety of rhetoric you can mix and match, and create a toast that’s uniquely yours! Don’t let panic ensue. The following are useful tips to produce some of the best speeches:

  • Write down a rough draft of your speech at least a month in advance so you have plenty of time to make amendments. Take hints from others as to what you should be focusing on. Ask the bridesmaids, groomsmen and family members what they think is unique about the couple’s relationship. Was it the way they met? Was it love at first sight, or the complete opposite?
  • Make the bride feel beyond special. Establish the intricate love you and her family have for her. Congratulate the couple on this special occasion and welcome the guests cordially.
  • Enumerate the number of ways the bride has taught you to be a good person, shown you the ideals of choosing right amongst wrongs and the path to success. Emphasize your appreciation of her support in difficult times. Say thank you for always helping you to be perseverant.

Grab the guests’ attention!

Plan to graciously take a microphone from the host and introduce yourself. Say, “Good (evening, morning or afternoon). I’ve been Katy’s best friend since elementary school and I know a couple of things about her relationship with Paul that you may not know!” Your added bit of mystery in the opening line will leave guests intrigued about what you have to stay.

It’s story time, everyone

Like all good books, speeches should have a beginning, middle and an end. Give guests a unique anecdote they will remember. Light-hearted humor is appropriate at this time. To help your speech feel whole, present an idea from the start and circle back to the anecdote’s conclusion as you approach the finish line.

Get just personal enough

A maid-of-honor speech should give the audience information they didn’t already know, but would like to hear. Something good to share: “Paul, the groom, asked me for opinions on fifty different wedding rings before making a selection because he wanted the jewelry to be as precious and perfect as his bride.” Sharing stories about exes or past sexual exploits would be distasteful and inappropriate.

Include him too

The new husband could be your best friend, brother or maybe you only met him a handful of times. He is an equal guest of honor as is your lady friend in white. Don’t let the audience on if you know him to a different degree than the bride. Chat with the groom’s friends and family members to get the scoop so you can sincerely acknowledge both guests of honor.

Let them laugh

You’re not putting on a comedy show; however, you’re celebrating the union of two loved ones. Guess what goes well with celebrating (besides champagne?) – laughter! Don’t include inside jokes that only you and the bride know- no one else will laugh or be interested.

You may wish to include a slightly embarrassing anecdote (emphasis on the slightly- no guests of honor should be humiliated!) and have it relate to the progress the newlyweds have made in their relationship. For instance you could say, “I remember when Katy got a flat tire and Paul had to leave a meeting early to help her fix it. Now, the couple has wisely invested in AAA auto insurance; may they be prepared for any bumps down the road.”

Genuine wishes go further

You’ve been asked to toast the happy couple, so say a wish of wellness to prompt all guests in attendance to raise a glass. This is the perfect chance to circle back to an idea or anecdote you presented in the beginning. Maybe you talked about the moment you witnessed the spark of true love in their eyes as the couple waltzed across the ballroom while you were all on a double date. You can end your speech with, “May the both of you always be as passionate in love as you were when you glided across the dance floor for the first time.”

Celebrating means no droning

Keep your speech respectfully short. Three to five minutes is the perfect length. If your speech is too short, the guests will feel that not much thought went into your words. Longer, and guests will be angry you’re dipping into dancing time or allotted time for the other speakers (if they haven’t fallen asleep already).

Do you have any tips on how to write a maid of honor speech? What made the best ones stand out to you? Are you preparing to give one yourself? Feel free to us know below!

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