Rehearsal dinner speeches are not dry runs for wedding speeches


Rehearsal dinner speeches are not dry runs for wedding speeches. They are a more intimate expression of your feelings before a wedding. Generally speaking those present are close families and friends. A rehearsal dinner is sometimes the first occasion the two families meet and the atmosphere is more relaxed than on the big day itself where wedding nerves can play a part. What you say at that rehearsal dinner then can be more informal and will mean more to those present. You can speak of the less well known characteristics of the bride and groom, perhaps her shyness or his dyslexia knowing that those present will understand and be sympathetic.

Yet in other ways what you say is much the same as in a wedding speech. You wish the couple well of course and speak of how they are suited. You mention the wedding day and what it will mean to all concerned. You speak of the rehearsal dinner as being an opportunity for two families to mix in an informal way with less distractions than on the wedding day itself. Your rehearsal speech then should say to the couple “Tonight is about all of us here tonight and what you mean to us now and in the future.” It should say "We will be there for you,not just on your wedding day, but always."

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