What not to say in a wedding speech


There is plenty of advice about what to say in a wedding but very little about what not to say. Yet there are some things speakers should remember.

  1. It is usually a family occasion and the speech should be simple enough to be understood by younger members of the family who are present.
  2. It is critical that funny isn’t blue. Don’t tell a dirty story. Make it light-hearted instead.
  3. Do not mention alcoholism because in a gathering of this sort there is often someone who is afflicted.
  4. The same applies to drugs, especially if those present are young.
  5. Don’t give a long list of thank you’s because it can be very boring.  Instead say “If the wedding cake is any indication of her skill any baker would be delighted to employ Aunt Mary.” Alternatively, “John ‘s singing in church mad it a ceremony to remember”
  6. Don’t forget that lots of the people present won’t know either the bride or the groom or their families. So explain that Dick is Mary’s uncle or that Kate is the groom’s cousin.
  7. Don’t make your speech long. People should wish you had said more than wish you would end.
  8. Don’t forget that emotions are heightened on the day so be careful you do not offend any member of the wedding speeches party by teasing too much.
  9. Don’t, without the permission of the bride and groom, mention any deceased member of the family.
  10. Don’t forget your speech should be sincere and leave the couple with a happy memory.

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