A step-father is also entitled to speak at wedding


Traditionally a wedding speech or toast is given by the father of the bride. Weddings today, though are often not traditional affairs and every couple does not have that nuclear family of yesteryear. The bride and groom though, still deserve to be toasted and to hear a speech in their honour. With divorces so common it is often the step-father of the bride who will speak today and his speech will obviously refer to the time he has spent with the bride and his relationship with her. He may have known her as a child or only got to know her as an adult and his speech will reflect that.

Her father may be present at the wedding and if so, he should consult the bride on her wishes as to whether she wants his part in her life mentioned. It might make for a happier occasion if he said something nice such as that Susie obviously inherited her lovely singing voice from her dad. Such a speech should be tactful and loving and her mother should be able to veto anything that would cause friction on the big day. If the bride has chosen her step-father to speak he should feel honoured and do his best to make his toast relevant and his step-daughter’s day a happy one for all concerned. After all every father wants that for his daughter.

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