A wedding rehearsal speech is much the same as a wedding speech


A wedding rehearsal speech is much the same as a wedding speeches. The only difference is that it should be more intimate. The speech should be low key and informal. After all those who attend are usually close family and friends of the couple.

The father of the groom or indeed the groom himself should sound as though he is merely speaking to his friends rather than giving an official speech. There are usually out of town guests present and if so they should be mentioned and especially welcomed.

This is an occasion to speak of family incidents so that the bride and her family will get to know the groom’s clan on a closer level. This can be more difficult on the actual wedding day as there will usually be a bigger crowd present and everything is slightly more formal.

The big day will, of course, be mentioned but the rehearsal dinner is all about gathering momentum for the wedding day itself. This is a night to relax and enjoy the company of those you love. At the wedding itself there will of course be a toast to the couple or the bride and groom.

At the rehearsal dinner though it is better to simply toast the future and to make a wish for a lovely wedding day filled with laughter and love.

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