A wedding speech needs preparation and practise


A wedding speech needs preparation and practise. So start with the following questions.

  • Where did the couple meet?
  • Was the proposal especially romantic or in some wonderful place?
  • What are the hobbies and interests of the bride and groom?
  • What are their family backgrounds i.e. how many brothers and sisters and any special connection with any of them?
  • What incidents stood out in their childhoods? For instance did either run away the first day at school?
  • What successes have they had i.e. had she a diploma for ballroom dancing or did he win a football championship?
  • What careers have they both got?
  • What are their goals in life?
  • Was there any disaster during the run up to the wedding i.e. the gown made in the wrong size or the cake collapsing?
  • Is there any special guest who should be mentioned i.e. a very old grandmother or someone who has travelled a long way to be at the wedding?
  • Is there anyone who should not be mentioned i.e. a father who deserted his family?
  • Is there anyone who should be thanked i.e. a friend who sang in church?

If you can answer those questions you have the background for a lovely speech so all you have to do is practise, practise, practise.

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