Wedding speeches should suit the particular wedding


Wedding speeches should suit the particular wedding.

Not all weddings, after all, are first weddings for example. So you need to be careful if referring to a previous one. If the bride or groom were a widow or widower for instance they may be happy to have a reference to a previous wife or husband. If the marriage ended in divorce or separation, however, that is probably not such as good idea. It also depends on whether there are children of a previous marriage present.

Sometimes there are great tensions at such a wedding and no good speaker would add to that tension. So it is important that you do your homework and find out just what the situation is and what you should say before mentioning previous weddings or the children of such unions. It is important too that your speech should refer to the future rather than the past. It should emphasise a new start and good times ahead.

Most wedding speech books have speeches for best man but not for the son of the groom who is acting as best man for his father. Again there is the question of whether the best man’s mother is dead or divorced and, of course he will have his own feelings on his father’s new wife. If he is acting as best man his relationship with his father is probably good but he may have mixed feelings about his own mother and his father’s remarriage. The same would apply to a son who is giving his mother away at a second or subsequent wedding.

Wedding speeches should, therefore, always be tactful and positive and nothing should ever be said that would upset the bride or the groom on their special day. If you are too emotionally involved it would be better if an old friend or another relative gave the speech.

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