Will the guests talk about your father of the bride’s speech afterwards?


Will the guests talk about your father of the bride’s speech afterwards? Will the audience laugh as you mention funny incidents? Will the couple always remember the wonderful speech you made on their special day? The speech given by the father of the bride is one of the highlights of the wedding day. People sit back in their chairs and expect to be entertained. Unless you are a naturally talented public speaker you will have to put a lot of work into making the speech memorable.

It’s good to be light-hearted. When you speak about your daughter it is permissible to mention the battles with her as a teenager who wanted to wear the shortest mini-skirts in creation. Most people can relate to that. You do not say she was the biggest dunce in the class though because, like everyone else, she has other talents and she just might be hurt if you publicise her failing. If you hate the groom you obviously don’t say he is not good enough for your daughter you simply say that you have to get to know him better.

A wedding speeches has to be gracious. It has to be about her future happiness so it has to be positive in tone. It should mention her mother although if you are re-married it may be better to say your daughter has inherited her mum’s cooking ability for instance. In the army they say “Get over heavy ground as lightly as possible.” In today’s family set ups there can be step-fathers and step-mothers, half-brother and half-sisters. So it pays to be very careful about what you say about family life. If you cannot say something straight from the heart then it is better to avoid saying anything at all and to make your speech more neutral in tone. You can safely talk about the panic the day she was born or her first day in kindergarten. In other words paint a picture of a much loved daughter and how you are delighted that she has met someone special.

Say something nice about the guests and welcome the groom’s family into yours. By doing so you will have done all that is expected of a father of the bride’s speech. More importantly though why not end your speech with a personal and loving toast to the bride and groom? Even if you don’t wow the audience you will still have said all that is meant to be said on the day and your daughter will remember that toast for the rest of her life.

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