Church Welcome Speech


Today we are like the shepherds who came to Bethlehem on the first Christmas. We come to give honor and praise but we also come today because (Reason for church gathering).

When we see the crib at Christmas the statue of the Infant is usually shown as a baby with outstretched arms. Those arms are welcoming the visitors to the stable just as I am welcoming you here today.

The story of Bethlehem is thousands of years old and yet we are still coming to worship as those shepherds once did. Throughout the years since Bethlehem there have been many changes. There have been wars and famines and disasters. Yet humankind has still got the same longing for peace as it had those many years ago.

By our presence here today we are acknowledging the fact that the message of Christmas is still relevant in our lives. Churches have many occasions during the year where congregations gather as we are doing today. We are saying “We worship and believe.”

We might ask ourselves how that message of “Love they neighbor “ is still being broadcast in a world that has grown increasingly deaf to the good news of salvation? The answer is simple it is because throughout the generations Christians have spread the gospel and passed on the message. Parents have taught their children and parsons have preached to their congregations.

The world is hungry for that message of hope and love. In times of depression many people... (continue)



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