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Easter Speeches - The Holiday's Meaning

A closer look Can you guess how the name Easter came to be? Giving an Easter speech is an important aspect of paying homage to the holiday. It doesn't matter if you're a minister providing a church service, a school teacher instructing children, or you're simply speaking at a family gathering. To honor Easter is to celebrate harmony, whether it be...
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Best Bar Mitzvah Speeches

Duncan's Bar Mitzvah Speech This well-delivered speech achieved international acclaim. The speaker used his bar mitzvah speeches to take a stand on a topic of great personal importance. A touching and inspirational delivery on a current and difficult subject. // Share this video: Tweet// // Michael's Bar Mitzvah Speech A very traditional...
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Burns Night 2014

Burns Night is a night when the life of one of the most famous Scots in history is honoured; a night when Scots the world over remember the man who put Scotland on the cultural map. And of course, as a salute to the man's own humour and fun-loving personality, it is truly a night for celebrations and speeches that are completely unique. Who but the...
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Most Inspirational Commencement Speeches

Videos here! Vote now! Steve Jobs Commencement Speech – Stanford 2005 Speech focused on perusing what you enjoy doing, living every day like it was your last. Jobs shares two experiences of failure and success from failure. At the end he shares what inspired him to always reach for more, to always stay hungry, stay foolish. // Share this video: Tweet//...
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Funniest Best Man Speech Videos

Videos here! Vote now! Hilarious Best Man Toast This speech is short and to the point. Instead of laying multiple jokes on the crowd hoping to land a few, the speaker bets it all on one hilarious skit, and succeeds! What truly makes the delivery great is how the speaker completely changes composure for each joke and them immediately switches back...
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