This Speech Includes:

  • 10 Speech(es)

    Total speaking time for the 10 Speech(es) is 7 minutes

    • 10 Introductory speech for Guest speaker
  • 1 Bonus(es)

  • Speech Guide: How to Deliver a Speech like you're a PRO... even if you're scared to death!

Introductory Speech for Guest Speaker

Introductory Speech for Guest Speaker

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Find the right words to set the tone for your brief introductory speech for guest speaker with this comprehensive set of introductions. Whether it's a club dinner, a fundraising function, a meeting or a political event, using these short speeches as your guide you'll set the scene by referring to your guest's expertise in a particular field or commitment to a particular cause.

Choose from 10 different introductions to find the one just right for your introductory speech for guest speaker.

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