Commemorative Speech

A commemorative speech is like a monument in words. It is a tribute that can be summoned up to remind us why person or an event has become important to us; why history matters and why we all need to remember those who have been extraordinary. A commemorative speech links us to fascinating men and women of great courage who have shown by example that great things can be done, and great obstacles overcome.

Commemorative speeches arouse strong passions. They speak about deeds done and days gone by, when a moment of courage or a talent came to be realized. All of us need to hear these words from time to time. All of us want to be inspired. Through our commemorative words we can bring history to life and understand that every day new examples of heroism, fortitude and courage happen. They make us who we are. Those who stand up and give a commemorative speech are our connection to the past and to our future potential.

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