Condolence Letter

Writing a condolence letter is one of the hardest tasks we have to perform as human beings, a solemn duty to let the person we are writing to know just how important and special the person they have lost was to us and how we feel for them at this difficult time. The weight they bear is at times unthinkable, but we have to put these messages down in words for us to be able to accept them and ultimately to start to deal with the tragedy.

These draft letters of condolence are sensitive and diplomatic. They are not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeves, yet they are sincere and respectful. Using our letters will make a difficult job a little easier, leaving ample room for you to add a personal touch to your own condolence letter. Our choice of words is based on our extensive personal experience.

E.L.F., (Canada), said, “ Your letters of condolence were perfect, they were most appreciated.”

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