Eulogies for Son

He was your boy, and now our Eulogies for a Son will help you summon up the wonderful person he was. You must find the right words to share that with all who will come to share in your sorrow. Perhaps no greater task will ever be asked of you than this. Above all he was your son.

Eulogies for a son can pay respect to create a loving portrait of the young man you showed the way through life. Now the family and his friends look to you, who knew him best, to reveal how much his being here meant to you. His absence will be felt by all, but perhaps no one more than you is better qualified and can speak now.

J.C., from Texas (USA) said, "I was having a hard time putting words on paper. The speeches I received from you were extremely important in pointing me in the right direction, and exactly what I needed to help me write and complete my speech."

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