Police and Fire Eulogies

The death of a police officer or firefighter may be extremely sudden, possibly involving trauma, or it may be at the end of a lifetime of service to the community. These police and fire eulogies will help you rise to the occasion, whatever the specific circumstances. With their help you will be able to craft a heartfelt and compassionate eulogy, reflecting on the bravery and commitment they have shown and the deep sense of loss felt by everyone in the community, but especially family and friends closest to them.

You will speak of the pride that they took in undertaking their vocation and the respect that they were held in by their colleagues. You will also speak of them as a family man or woman, with a private family life, and how much that meant to them too. These police and fire eulogies will help you to express the depth of sorrow felt by everyone at their passing.

J.M.L.E. (Canada), said, "I needed a speech for my brother's funeral as well as my father's. I felt overwhelmed, but with the speeches I purchased from you (using certain parts of each speech as well as my thoughts), I was able to compose a very appropriate speech for both. It was a great help."

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