Step Mother Eulogies

Depending on how close you were to her, the loss of a step mother can be every bit as painful as the loss of a birth parent. This selection of step mother eulogies is designed to help you find the words you need to accurately express your sentiments in a range of situations. In your eulogy you will help the congregation remember those particular aspects which made her special, the things she did to help others, the things that made her laugh and the way she helped others to laugh.

You may speak of how she made your father feel and your gratitude towards her for the role she played in your family. With the help of these step mother eulogies you will find the words you need to tailor your own personal address in a way which expresses, above all, compassion and respect for the feelings of all who loved her.

A. M. Venter, Hartbeespoort (South Africa) said, “They were perfect, just what I needed! Thank you!”

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