This Speech Includes:

  • 3 Speech(es)

    Total speaking time for the 3 Speech(es) is 12 minutes

    • 3 Artist award/prize presentation to Artist speech
  • 3 Poem(s)

  • Each poem is 14 lines and in rhyme
  • 1 Bonus(es)

  • Speech Guide: How to Deliver a Speech like you're a PRO... even if you're scared to death!

Artist Award Speech by Presenter

Artist Award Speech by Presenter

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Your creative winner will delight in hearing your artist award speech by presenter. Everyone present wants a great build up and that is exactly what you'll be able to deliver with an artist award speech that will elevate the spirits of all listening and have your award winner really believing in themselves and their creativity.

This will be an inspiring speech to give and to hear. It's simple to download our speeches and within minutes you'll be able to use the words as they are simply or chop and change to fit your own unique situation.

Product Code: ARTAC

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