This Speech Includes:

  • p class="label">3 Speech(es)

    Total speaking time for the 3 Speeches is 10 minutes

    • 3 Birthday Roast to Man
  • 3 Poem(s)

  • Each poem is 14 lines and in rhyme
  • 3 Bonus(es)

  • Speech Guide: How to Deliver a Speech like you're a PRO... even if you're scared to death!
  • Famous Days and Birthdays
  • Birthdays Jewels and Flowers
  • Quotations On Love and Marriage

Birthday Roast to Man

Birthday Roast to Man

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Let us help you give an appropriate birthday roast to a man. Our light-hearted birthday speeches, roast the birthday boy and tell him exactly what his friends think of him. They are not intended for sensitive souls! They are rude without being crude. There are three speeches in the pack so you have options. The short poems we include crown the insults.

So if you want to give a Birthday roast to a man our pack is just what you need to brighten the occasion.

Product Code: BIROC

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