Military Speeches

Military Speeches are the ultimate "tribal" call. They speak to the assembled audience, uniting and honoring not just those present, but all those who went before. They call to tradition with glowing pride. They reach out to the individual servicemen and women, and re-enforce why we wear our uniform, and what it means to offer our allegiance to our country and our flag. Military speeches can serve many purposes, but they always come back to the pledge, to honor, and to duty. In every form they unite us and empower us with a sense of worth and belonging.

Our military, and all those who wear a uniform and serve our country, have made tremendous sacrifices. We need to remind ourselves that it is worth it, and to honor those who do so. In our military speeches you will find uplifting patriotic and honorable words to suit all military occasions.

A.B., from New York (USA), said, "I have always found the speeches on point and very well said. In my experience they are foundational, and key messages are always integrated into a more comprehensive message. This has become a very useful and helpful resource, especially when time is of the essence. Thank you."

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