Speech about The First Men On The Moon


This commemorative speech commemorates the magic of the first moon landing in 1969. They are tried, tested and ready to use. They may be downloaded instantly when you place your order.

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The historical facts are there if you have to give a commemorative speech about the first men on the moon. Every library has books about it. Every television station has archives about it. Our speech will enable you to bring the magic to life again. In this era of technology we sometimes forget how magical it was to actually land men on the moon. We forget the bravery of those who manned the spacecraft on that epic journey. When we look at a night sky we admire the stars and the moon but we rarely think of how far away they actually are. Our commemorative speech about the first men on the moon is one that will make your audience recapture that moment in their mind’s eye. We finish with a poem that summarizes all that the speech says in a thought-provoking way.