Informative Speech Angels – an Ancient Belief


This speech is the one for you if you want to describe to your audience the history of the place angels have in all major religions and in our lives. It tells of the different kinds of angels there are and speaks of the belief many have in guardian angels. It speaks of their influence and reports on how people have felt their influence at times of near death experiences. Above all it speaks of how the angels might help us in our daily lives if we only let them. The short, optional poem summarizes the speech in a thought-provoking way and makes an unusual ending to it.

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Our informative speech “Angels – an ancient belief is topical today. As the world become more secular there are more and more people seeking spiritual enlightenment. This speech investigates whether or not angels have a place in our lives. It speaks of our need for the help and encouragement of these other beings. It tells the story of angels throughout history. It describes what we imagine they look like. It speaks of the gap between belief and disbelief and the fact that angels are messengers from God. The informative speech “Angels- an ancient belief” ends with a short poem that expressing our feelings about angelic beings.