Informative Speech Anger – a power for good or bad


This informative speech is ideal if you want to explain to your audience the part anger plays in our lives and how we must control it. It shows that while it can cause distress and heartbreak in can also be a power for good when anger is directed at, say, injustice. It describes the many manifestations of anger and how they affect ourselves and others. The short poem summarizes the speech in an unusual and catchy way and gives it a thought-provoking ending.

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This Informative speech Anger – a power for good or bad will help your audience draw a distinction between positive and justified anger, for example at a blatant injustice, and negative anger which arises from fear or as an irrational response to a situation. In this talk you will challenge your audience to think about the many different manifestations of anger and the affects they have on the person who is angry and on everyone else. You will also explore how such anger can be managed. A short poem accompanying the Informative speech Anger – a power for good or bad helps to put the whole issue in perspective.