Persuasive Speech Animal welfare – our concern


This speech is just the one you need if you want to persuade your audience that, as humans, we need to be kinder to animals. It points out how interdependent the species are. It shows how we lack in humanity if we mistreat defenceless creatures. It says they only kill each other when they need food and that we have a lot to learn from them. The short poem summarizes the argument and gives an unusual and catchy ending to the speech.

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In the persuasive speech Animal welfare – our concern you’ll make a compelling case for greater compassion towards animals. Noting the interdependence that exists between all species, you will invite your audience to reflect on what our mistreatment of defenseless animals really says about our humanity. You’ll explore the differences between us and the rest of the animal kingdom, summarizing your persuasive speech Animal welfare – our concern at the end with a brief reflective poem.